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Burak Can

Minimum ücrete, maksimum hizmet.


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Temel Freelancer Paketi; bireysel çalışan ve hizmet sayısı kısıtlı olanlar için yeterli bir pakettir.

  • 12 Project Credits
  • 10 Allowed Services
  • Services Never Expire
  • 5 Featured Services
  • 20 Days visibility
  • Profile Featured
  • 365 Days Package Expiry



Highest selling package features

  • 15 Project Credits
  • 12 Allowed Services
  • 25 Days visibility
  • 10 Featured Services
  • 30 Days visibility
  • Profile Featured
  • 40 Days Package Expiry



Fully featured plan with no limits

  • 20 Project Credits
  • 25 Allowed Services
  • 30 Days visibility
  • 15 Featured Services
  • 20 Days visibility
  • Profile Featured
  • 60 Days Package Expiry

Limitsiz Paket


Drive crazy, unlimited on the go

  • Unlimited Project Credits
  • Unlimited Services
  • Services Never Expire
  • 20 Featured Services
  • Services Never Expire
  • Profile Featured
  • Package Never Expire

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